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net Netz reseau rete verkko wavu


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Welcome to humanlanguages.com, a site by Robb Knapp. Robb has had contact with many languages. As an American his mother tongue is (American) English. He learned a lot of Latin and a little French and German at school. While in the Peace Corps he spoke Swahili fluently. During a stay in Kuwait (before the first Gulf war) he got to know a little Arabic. Now he lives in Austria and speaks (Austrian) German fluently. Due to his ancestry he wants to learn Finnish.

The graphic above consists of the word "net" in 7 languages: "net" (English), "Netz" (German), "réseau" (French), "rete" (Latin & Italian), "verkko" (Finnish), and "wavu" (Swahili).
"Net" in Croatian is "mreža" (thanks to Iva).
"Net" in Hebrew is "רשת" (transliteration: reshet; thanks to Lionel).
"Net" in Hungarian is "hálo" (thanks to Floris).
"Net" in Latgalian is "teiklys" (thanks to Armands).
"Net" in Latvian is "tikls" (thanks to Raimo).
"Net" in Lithuanian is "tinklas" (thanks to Armands).
"Net" in Malay is "jaring" (thanks to Michael).
"Net" in Polish is "sieć" (thanks to Agnieszka).
"Net" in Portugese is "rede" (thanks to Segio).
"Net" in Russian is "сеть" (transliteration: seť; thanks to Juri).
"Net" in Slovak is "sieť" (thanks to Thomas).
"Net" in Spanish is "red" (thanks to Renate).
"Net" in Swedish is "nät" (thanks to Gunnar).
If anybody knows any others, let me know.

In order to read all of the foreign words above, your browser must support Unicode and be able to display more than one character set simultaneously. I recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher and Netscape Navigator version 6 or higher.

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